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Finis Coronat Opus - 'The end crowns the work'

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The KHS Ag. Team

The Kempsey High School Agriculture programs have the dual aim of building students’ knowledge and skills in modern agricultural production methods and building character through teamwork, leadership and service. These aims are accomplished at the Kempsey High School Farm which is located behind the residences on the northern side of Broughton Street. Additional paddocks and a dam for irrigation are located in Tozer Street, south of the school oval. The farm is being progressively upgraded and accommodates facilities for thirteen student run enterprises: beef cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, poultry, rabbits, guinea pigs, honey, vegetables, horticulture, worm farming, goats and landcare operations. Beef Cattle production is particularly strong and students win many ribbons for judging and parading.

All students study Agriculture in Year 7. Many of these students continue a strong association with the farm in year 8 through voluntary membership of the farm enterprise teams that manage the husbandry and care of the animals. Students can elect to study Agriculture in years 9 to 12.  Agriculture Extension is available in years 9 and 10 which effectively enables students to study Agriculture for double the time. The Primary Industries vocational education course is also taught in years 11 and 12.

 The Kempsey High Agriculture Students Association (KHASA) has a strong association with primary producers and agriculture businesses in the valley and beyond and offers agricultural enrichment and leadership opportunities to students, many of which are conducted out of school time. Many of the school’s student leaders have learnt leadership skills through their involvement with KHASA. The school was named as one of seven Agriculture Lighthouse Schools in 2015 for its extensive record of high achievement in agriculture coupled with innovation in agricultural education. Within this role, the school supports other schools to enrich their agricultural education programs.